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Richie Incognito’s Texts Aren’t Helping His Case

Posted on Feb 13, 2014 by in NFL |


Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin haven’t been in the news much for a while…until recently. In light of the latest announcement regarding1387748305000-richie Michael Sam coming out as a homosexual, coupled with the additional media publications regarding his homosexuality being a potential “lockerroom distraction”, the spotlight has been recast on bullying issues. Who better to be the face of that than those closest to the bullying scandal that rocked the NFL for a few weeks this very season?

Incognito has recently taken to Twitter to express his feelings on the pending bullying investigation, and they have been incendiary to say the least. It goes without saying that bullying can be expressed in 140-characters or less. Incognito confirmed this – and more – in a Twitter meltdown on Wednesday, which revealed that this bullying issue is truly an onion made of many, many layers…and so is Incognito. Here are some of the tweets he sent out:

— Richie Incognito (@68INCOGNITO) February 12, 2014

That last one is very, very telling. And this is eight days after Incognito tweeted out unequivocal support for Martin and the investigation. Even worse, Incognito, who claims himself to be Martin’s best friend, outed Martin as being suicidal on Twitter. That’s not really something you do if you’re best friends with someone, and furthermore, Twitter isn’t the most appropriate place to out someone as being suicidal. There aren’t many appropriate places to do that.

However, this is very consistent with the behavior of a bully. It really doesn’t look good for Incognito that he’s accused of bullying someone that was, assuming Incognito’s tweet is true, suicidal at one point or another. Furthermore, the timing of his rant is terrible. The investigation by attorney Ted Wells is still ongoing as long as a determination hasn’t been released, and that report is set to be finished this week. Why have a Twitter rant now?