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Kan Jam: Taking Tailgating to the Next Level

Posted on Dec 20, 2013 by in Tailgating |


Like throwing a frisbee around with your pals, mates, friends, or acquaintances?  Sure you do.  Few people will say throwing around a frisbee with friends isn’t fun.  Of course it is.  But one could argue if you turned the act of throwing frisbee into a competitive game it would be even more fun.  No we’re not talking about Ultimate Frisbee here, which is fun in its own right but we are talking about a lawn game that involves a frisbee.  Behold the ultimate tailgating experience: Kan Jam.

As previously mentioned Kan Jam does involve a frisbee but equally important to the flying disc are the kans.  We could call them cans but where is the fun in that?  There are two kans of equal size.  Each one is 20 inches tall and has a diameter of 16 inches.  Each kan also has a mailbox size hole directly in the front five inches from the top.  This is called “The Slot” and it measures 12 inches wide and 3 inches tall.  Each can also has a hole in the top.

With this in mind let’s explain the rules.  Typically you can place the kans anywhere from 20 to 30 feet apart (or more to make it more challenging).  The game is similar to bags in that it is team vs team.  Each team has two players.  One stands at one kan while the other player stands at the opposite kan.  The object is to throw the frisbee towards your teammates kan and let them do the rest.

So how are points scored?  When the frisbee is coming towards your teammate a variety of things can happen. You’ll receive…

1 point- Your teammate deflects the frisbee into the side of the kan

2 points- Your teammate lets the frisbee hit the kan without them deflecting it

3 points- Your teammate hits it into the top of the kan

Games are played to 21 and there is a variety of ways to score points as highlighted above.

There are multiple variations of the game but it is common that you cannot land on 13 (or you will go down to zero) and you must land on 21 (or you go back down to 13).  Each team gets two throws, one from each player, before handing it over to the other team who does the same.  The process is repeated until there is a winner.

Fancy yourself a person who likes shortcuts?  If you are a skilled enough frisbee thrower you can attempt to throw it into the mailbox sized slot.  If you are successful and the frisbee stays in the kan after going through you have accomplished what is called “An Instant Win” and the game is over.

Kan Jam is a relatively new game and has become an exciting alternative to similar games like bags, cornhole, and ladder golf.

For more information on how to play or to order a Kan Jam set go to or if you wish to create your own here is a helpful website to get you started.